Saturday, September 30, 2017


We know that Donald Trump backers are loyal, but surely no one will defend this, right?
President Trump on Saturday criticized Puerto Rico's "poor leadership" and defended his administration's response to the aftermath of Hurricane Maria's devastation on the island in an early morning series of tweets....

Following a plea for aid on Friday by San Juan's mayor, Trump said the mayor was being "nasty."

“The mayor of San Juan, who was very complimentary only a few days ago, has now been told by the Democrats that you must be nasty to Trump,” Trump tweeted. "Such poor leadership ability by the mayor of San Juan, and others in Puerto Rico, who are not able to get their workers to help."

"They want everything to be done for them when it should be a community effort," he continued.

Trump needs defenders? Breitbart commenters are on it!
Fukc that ratchet-asss mayor!

Should just stop every bit of aid in it's tracks and tell the Puerto Rican people we can't help them until they purge all the corrupt politicians that dragged PR into decay LONG before the hurricanes hit!!

Soooo done with these toxic browns and blacks!

Cut them ALL off and let their idiot progressive ideology and hate of America sustain them!!


SCREW Puerto Rico. They expect the US to do everything for them, and they don't contribute anything to our country. Let them fend for themselves if they think we've screwed them. We just finished bailing them out of a $70 billion deficit, and now they expect billions more in aid.

I don't live in hurricane alley for a reason, and we should not be forced to pay for their stupidity. Their failure to plan is not our problem. Their hakuna matata attitude will not save them from disaster.


I hear you KJ..There is an independence movement in PR maybe we should do everything in our power to move that along. It would be worth a lot to rid ourselves of these losers... after all they gave us Rosie Perez...think about it...


We have to many taker's on the doll already. I'm sick of paying for everyone else's problems, especially when they do nothing to help us with our problems. We don't need Puerto Rico.


Democrats tried to paint Houston and Florida hurricane relief in a bad light to smear Trump. They have tried to make Trump responsible for Charlottesville -- and when this failed, Trump "didn't condemn" fast enough, early enough, thoroughly enough ... blah, blah, blah.

Another day, another smear attempt on Trump. Ho-hum, the smear du jour is Trump and PR. Not going to work. The Mayor of San Juan is wasting time and energy whining instead of helping Puerto Ricans --- and MY President takes this latest smear on in his typical way: FU. The Mayor maybe thinks whining will pave the way for the US to bail out PR massive debt? The Mayor is smoking spleef; PUT DOWN THE DOOBIE AND GET TO WORK.


President Trump is an incredible historical figure. He gets crap from every direction, and he still THRIVES no matter from where the smear-mongers come: oily Democrat politicians, MSM "experts", NFL players, Roger Goodell, The Pope, pissant Puerto Rico Mayors, GOPe, RINOs, CAIR, "activists", race baiter con men, ...

Liberal Leftists are the Masters of Chicken Little Whining.

Patriots ARE NOT being fooled. The Democrat/RINO skewering of 2018 is just around the corner.


... disasters SHOULDN'T be about politics but sadly that's not reality. A line from Rahm Emmanuel, "Never let a crisis go to waste" epitomizes the Democrat way of thinking. They used Katrina to criticize Bush and now they're doing the same thing to Trump. The hurricane basically sent Puerto Rico back to the Stone Age and trying to get help and resources to people with no roads, no airport, no communication, no electricity is a real challenge. When everything humanly possible is being done, expecting more is irrational.


It's the people who live there that keep electing the crooks, so it is their fault. If you build a home out of sticks , then you have to expect it's going to be destroyed. They get hurricanes every few years there, so you would think by now they would have started to build better homes. When people refuse to learn from history, then they're doomed to repeat it.


What is wrong with Puerto Ricans? In TX, for example, we had Texans helping each other - heroes we saw on TV during Harvey. Lazy Puerto Ricans just sit at home waiting for help. It must be their culture kicking in


You can judge a culture or a people by their accomplishments, the contributions they have made to humanity you dumb fool. That is why western culture is so so great. They gave the world cures for diseases such as polio, malaria, cholera, etc. They gave the world electricity, air-conditioning, refrigeration, phone and other technologies that made life easier for billions of people in the world. Non-western cultures have zero accomplishments.


The governor came out immediately and said he was very grateful for Trump and his quick and efficient response.
The isis assisting western media didn't cover it.


No other President has had to manage three major hurricane disasters and the nations largest outbreak of wildfires at the same time...I think the Donald is doing pretty well considering PR has been mismanaged for decades.


so they need truck drivers, but they have hundreds of thousands of people waiting for the federal Government, why don't they just get up off their knees and go pick up the trucks and drive them themselves, to sit and wait for someone to save you or take care of you is idiotic or has socialism been a big part of the Puerto Rican lifestyle for years. from the looks of it they're just like the Ethiopians in the worst drought of their lives, they for some stupid reason would remain in their disastrous location hoping things would change, and relying on the Government is a sure death sentence, just look at the VA or any other agency, 6 month wait for an appointment.


Yes while they sit on their asssses and collect welfare.
A few of these arguments will probably turn up in the professional right-wingers' talking points: Trump is dealing with an unprecedented number of natural disasters; Texans and Floridians have a culture of self-help and Puerto Ricans don't; and Democrats always believe you shouldn't let a crisis go to waste. I'm sure conservatives are looking to dig up opposition research on San Juan's mayor -- any embarrassment from her past, however minor, is likely to be on auto-repeat at Fox very soon. She's also likely to be attacked as "emotional," and maybe as unattractive. It's unthinkable that the conservative media will part company with Trump on this.

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