Monday, March 13, 2017


Kellyanne Conway sees a conspiracy so vast:
In a wide ranging interview Sunday at her home ... Conway ... suggested that the alleged monitoring of activities at Trump’s campaign headquarters at Trump Tower in Manhattan may have involved far more than wiretapping.

“What I can say is there are many ways to surveil each other,” Conway said as the Trump presidency marked its 50th day in office during the weekend. “You can surveil someone through their phones, certainly through their television sets — any number of ways.”

Conway went on to say that the monitoring could be done with “microwaves that turn into cameras,” adding: “We know this is a fact of modern life.”

Here's the clip:

Q: Do you know whether Trump Tower was wiretapped?

CONWAY: What I can say is there are many ways to surveil each other now, unfortunately.

Q: Do you believe --

CONWAY: There was an article this week that talked about how you can surveil someone through their phones, through their -- certainly through their television sets, any number of different ways, microwaves that turn into cameras, et cetera, so we know that that is just a fact of modern life.
Snark ensued:

But wait -- Conway now angrily insists that she didn't say anything of the sort actually happened at Trump Tower. She was just tossing out a random reference to surveillance, and how dare you insinuate otherwise!

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: [You were] asked specifically, "Do you know whether the Trump Tower was wiretapped," and you answered by citing this report about the CIA techniques revealed by WikiLeaks. Why would you make a suggestion like that without any evidence?

CONWAY: I wasn't making a suggestion about Trump Tower. Those are two separate things.

STEPHANOPOULOS: That's what you were asked about.

CONWAY: And I answered him about surveilling generally.

STEPHANOPOULOS: But you have no evidence that that kind of surveillance was used against Trump Tower.

CONWAY: I have no evidence, but that's why there's an investigation in Congress. That's particularly what investigations are for. And I would note that [FBI] Director Comey has asked the Department of Justice to make a comment, that he hasn't made a comment. I noticed yesterday on your show with Congressman [Adam] Schiff that he said he plans to ask Director Comey about this when he has him before the committee later in the month.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Just to be clear: You're saying you have no evidence for these allegations.

CONWAY: Of course I don't have any evidence for those allegations, and that answer has nothing to do with what the president said last week.
It had nothing to do with what the president said last week! It had nothing to do with Trump Tower! It was purely hypothetical! It was, y'know, "Wow, did you see that bizarre story about the surveillance? I shared it with all my Facebook friends! Brave new world!"

That's her story, and she's sticking to it.

So I assume Conway will deliver a blistering rebuke to the New York Post, where the lead story online is this:

Senior White House adviser Kellyanne Conway is suggesting that alleged government surveillance of Donald Trump during his campaign may have gone beyond the president’s accusation that former President Barack Obama had his phones tapped.
I'm joking, of course. Conway won't complain to the Post. The Post is pro-Trump. Conway's faux-offended response to charges that she's insinuating what she is, in fact, insinuating is for general consumption, not for consumption by the fan base.

The fan base now believes that one or more of the surveillance techniques mentioned by Conway was actually used to surveil Trump. If Conway were to tell an interviewer that a person of Valerie Jarrett's approximate height, weight, age and physical condition could have rappelled into Donald Trump's office on the 26th floor of Trump Tower and personally placed a monitoring device in Trump's taco bowl, the deplorables would believe that literally happened. Conway would then go on a national news program and huffily insist that she was merely suggesting that such a thing could have happened to a random person somewhere in the world in theory.

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