Tuesday, February 07, 2017


The numbers on crime in New York City are so good even the New York Post isn't trying to spin them:
Homicides and shootings in the city last month dropped to an historic low for any January, authorities said Monday.

Murders were down 9.1 percent, from 22 to 20, and shootings dropped 1.7 percent, from 59 to 58, officials said, the lowest for any January on record.

“We now have 24-hour periods where we do not record a shooting incident in New York City. That kind of thinking was impossible in the not so distant past,” said NYPD Deputy of Operations Dermot Shea.

“This is the new normal and we want to build on it on it and we feel that we will build on it. There’s still plenty of work to do.”

Overall, major crime in the city saw a .2 percent drop, with 7,992 crimes reported last month compared to 8,011 in January 2016.
The city had 2,245 murders in 1990. If this pace is maintained, it'll have 240 this year.

But how is this possible? Conservatives said the end of stop-and-frisk in New York would bring the city back to "the bad old days." They insist that strict gun laws invite more crime. And they assert that Black Lives Matter is making it impossible for cops to do their jobs. Meanwhile, in September, Donald Trump said that "murders are up" in the city. And he talked of "American carnage" in his inaugural address.

Regarding stop-and-frisk, here are some statistics:

Stop-and-frisks: down. Violent crime: still very low. (There was a small uptick in the last year on that graph, 2015, but murders were down agin in 206.)

The conservatives are wrong. On crime, New York defies Trump and his fellow Republicans -- and what we're doing is working.


Jimbo said...

In the world of Alternative Facts, government statistics are meaningless.

Feud Turgidson said...

This new preznit is contributing to the arts and philosophy,

With new music:

Bowling Green
Bowling Green
Hosted a massacre
Ain't no one seen
And still no white folks
Reported fleen
From Bowling Green

(a place-holder til Zimmerman shows up), and

a new tort claim:

the preznit's latest bimbo is suing a UK sleaze tabloid as solely responsible for destroying her ability to cash in big on her husband's election to a public service position he should not have won, isn't qualified for, doesn't deserve, and can't handle.