Sunday, January 04, 2015


Ellen at NewsHounds directs our attention to this Mediaite story:
Just like last week, Fox News was the only of the three major cable stations not to carry the funeral of a slain NYPD officer live.

CNN and MSNBC both broke into regular programming to cover Mayor Bill de Blasio and Commissioner Bill Bratton’s eulogies for officer Wenjian Liu, and led up to the event with live commentary. Fox, however, stayed with MediaBuzz....

As Mediaite noted last week, this is odd given the network’s repeated criticisms of de Blasio and voluble pro-law enforcement stance. In fact, Fox News employee Todd Starnes sneered at the “mainstream media” for ignoring officer Rafael Ramos’ funeral, even as his own network declined to cover it....
There's nothing surprising about this. Fox is portraying Mayor Bill de Blasio as a rabid, radical, cop-hating extreme leftist who's unworthy of respect from any cop or citizen. Fox can't risk letting its audience see de Blasio mke remarks that are dignified and respectful of the police. De Blasio is a monster -- that's Fox's story and Fox is sticking to it. Fox can't risk letting the facts contradict that narrative.

If there were a de Blasio gaffe at either of these funerals -- a remark that was (or could be construed as) disrespectful to the police -- it would be clipped and shown on Fox, decontextualized if necessary, over and over and over again in the next few days. The words would become a national right-wing meme.

But a speech that reveals de Blasio as not a monster? Can't have that on Fox.


Unknown said...

Don't leave the 'MSM' out of this, eg. Obamacare website is worse than Hitler, Obama is spreading Ebola by cropduster, Obama is getting prankcalled and pantsed by Putin...until we find out none of that is true except we don't find out because it just isn't worth reporting, silly goose. Fox is simply the brave vanguard of a thoroughly corrupt media establishment and they're killing us all.

Victor said...

FOX is in the business of opening and reopening wounds.
Not healing them.