Thursday, December 05, 2013


Nelson Mandela has died at the age of 95. I'm sure it won't surprise you that the hate is already flowing on the right at Glenn Beck's Blaze:
Another dead communist. Time to celebrate!


It must have been the shock of hearing about the resignation of Martin the BashER.


... He'll be hailed as a hero by socialists and empty heads world-wide, but he was actually a communist thug (he had actual ties to Soviet Union) whose reputation was "rehabilitated" by the Leftist media.


Who gets his Black Panther outfit?


... I am glad he was not 35 years old and eligible to be President of the US or something more powerful. He is an example of how a seemingly nice man can produce evil deeds. Like Pol Pot was a very much loved teacher, or Mao, even Hitlers dogs loved him. RIP Mr. Mandela, along with your communist views.


The cities of Johannesburg,Capetown and Durban are going to burn tonight!


Only good marxist is a dead marxist.


Good riddance to the anti-White murderer and Black supremacist, Nelson Mandela, South Africa mourns for the loss of their culture under the savage Brothers of Obama currently in power.


Mandela was a terrorist and a genocidal maniac. Their is a special place in hell for people like him. He is to white people what the jews claim Hitler to be.


The man's been on deaths door for years.

seriously... why do we care?

YES, he won a nobel peace prize.

YES he ended "racist" policies in south Africa…

but there are entirely too many more important things going on in this country than a man's death.

Obama's thanking satan right now for the distraction from his lawlessness.


MAY HE BURN IN HELL,AND TAKE HIS POS WINNIE MANDELLA WITH HIM SOMEDAY??after destroying so africa, condone the killing of white farmers.OBAMA AND HIS SQUEEZE VALARIE JARRET ARE MODELING IN THE SAME WAY??communists?,destroy a country?,favor blks?maybe mandella is their idol??


here come the knee grows out of the woodwork defending this POS COMMUNIST WHO WITH HIS WIFE WINNIE TURNED A BLIND EYE OF PREJUDICE AS WHITE FARMERS WERE KILLED,if the shoe were on the other foot the HOWLING AND YOWELING WOULD BE DEAFINING,its funny another blk civil organizer got a nobel peace prize,with the same intensions
The last two are from a commenter named, I kid you not, "noslave."

And since so many of these fine citizens are declaring Mandela a filthy commie, I'm reminded of a word of praise for Mandela I ran across about ten years ago:
Nelson Mandela is the most courageous and compassionate human being I have ever met.
That was from the noted left-wing radical David Rockefeller, in his 2003 memoir.


And because everyone else will be posting the Specials, I'm going to post this:


repsac3 said...

And of course, it's being regurgitated and echoed in a few of their other dark, dank hidey-holes (PJMedia, Gateway, ...). The more "reputable" rightwing blogs will wait until tomorrow to shit all over the man, out of "respect."

"Hate is strong and mocks the song of peace on Earth, goodwill toward man..."

Examinator said...

Might I point out having read comments from through out the world left and right that it's only in AMERICA that such concentrated BS Bile is prominent in the media.
Well done america (small a) it certainly makes the point "USA Number 1" at being being the ass holes too.
Like the man or hate him what he achieved is was and always will be admirable.

Victor said...

And those comments are why I don't go to Reichie websites and read the comments.
It's hard to believe that so many people are so twisted with hatred for their fellow humans.

Roger said...

"He is to white people what the jews claim Hitler to be."

A twofer! No, a threefer!

Kathy said...

Even Ted Cruz is in trouble with his base for issuing a positive statement regarding Mandela and his legacy. The Facebook comments there weren't quite as vile as some of these, but there were people telling Ted he'd lost their vote, presumably because he didn't call Mandela a communist and murderer. There are some real loons living in the US.

Ten Bears said...

Zombies. Not even deranged. Brain dead. Zombies.

No fear.

Examinator said...

Mandela for all of SA if not the world is/was what MLK jr was for ALL of America despite the most rabid's worst efforts.
Note. Why is it that 'the land of the free (sic)' has the largest minority of hysterically terrified, blood thirsty, anti freedom-ists of any of the Western nations?
The mere fact that there is a 'commercially' worthwhile audience for the 'Bile spitters' says so much about the underlying lack of real acceptance of differences and self discipline/ moderation ( aka tolerance of real freedom)without which there is no justice or equity (as opposed to equality).
How could a thinking person be proud (patriotic)of such utter darkness?