Thursday, October 05, 2017


There's a lot of right-wing harrumphing about the New York Times story exposing Harvey Weinstein's decades of sexual harassment. Ooh, he's a big Democratic donor! Ooh, the liberals say they respect women, but...


Maybe -- but our side will applaud the exposure.

Notice that it's the "liberal media" that revealed this -- The New York Times published first, but The New Yorker is also said to be working on a story.

Now let's talk about Fox News. Who exposed Roger Ailes as a harasser? Or Bill O'Reilly? Or Eric Bolling? It wasn't Breitbart or Sinclair or the Daily Caller or The Weekly Standard or National Review. Weinstein got away with it for years, but the press on "his side" brought him down; Ailes et al. got away with it for years, and "their side" never investigated them, much less exposed them.

That's our press in microcosm. I don't care how much "liberal media bias" you think there is in the mainstream press -- it will still go after liberals and Democrats. The conservative media? Critical pieces are written only when a conservative isn't conservative enough. There's no self-policing on the right. There's just boosterism, augmented by relentless attacks on the left.

And it could be argued that that's why conservatives win in American politics as often as they do.

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