Tuesday, October 10, 2017


Trump: Mine's bigger.
President Trump proposed an “IQ tests” face-off with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson after the nation's top diplomat reportedly called the president a “moron” and disparaged his grasp on foreign policy.

In an interview with Forbes magazine published Tuesday, Trump fired a shot at Tillerson over the “moron” revelation, first reported by NBC News and confirmed by several other news organizations, including The Washington Post.

“I think it's fake news,” Trump said, “but if he did that, I guess we'll have to compare IQ tests. And I can tell you who is going to win.”
Trump has an obsession with IQ. His, he assures us, is huge:

He'll fight you if you disagree.

He insists he has a higher IQ than both Barack Obama and George W. Bush.

Also Jon Stewart.

And both George Will and Karl Rove:
Donald Trump claims he has a higher IQ than conservative pundits George Will and Karl Rove, both of whom he slammed Monday during a campaign rally in Columbus, Ohio.

"I watch these pundits on television and, you know, they call them intellectuals. They're not intellectuals," Trump told thousands of supporters in the swing state.

"I'm much smarter than them. I think I have a much higher IQ. I think I went to a better college — better everything," proclaimed the University of Pennsylvania graduate, adding that it's "amazing" the way pundits treat their viewers.

"You have these guys like George Will. He sits with the little spectacles. If he didn't have the spectacles, you wouldn't think he's smart because he's wrong so much," Trump said.
And you know who has a low IQ? Mika Brzezinski!

And Rick Perry.

But he can be a bit, um, insecure about IQ:

(Trump may not have actually written that line, but he likes to quote it.)

It's all part of Trump's notion that intelligence is genetic and he has the smart genes, which is an incontrovertible fact because science says so, believe me.

I don't put much faith in IQ tests, but I notice that Trump hasn't released one of his own, any more than he's released any of his tax returns. It'd be hilarious someday if one of the people he attacks as ignorant actually takes an IQ test and releases the results, then dares Trump to do the same. Rex?

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