Sunday, October 29, 2017


It's being reported -- erroneously -- that Twitter has banned Roger Stone.
Roger Stone has been banned from Twitter permanently after a vulgar meltdown Friday aimed at CNN reporters, which included threats, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

The close friend and former adviser to Donald Trump went on a tirade after CNN reported Robert Mueller approved the first charges into his investigation on the Russian meddling of the 2016 presidential election.

... a source with direct knowledge of the situation told THR the suspension is permanent.
It's true that Stone's main account, @RogerJStoneJr, has been suspended, apparently in response to this:

But Stone's other account, @StoneColdTuth, is still up and running. Until now, that account has existed mostly to re-transmit offensive, sophomoric right-wing memes.

But Stone now seems to be using it the way he used his main account: to taunt and threaten his enemies. (Today, they're the people who suspended his main account.)

(Okay, that last one is also sophomoric.)

The account retweeted this:

Stone isn't really banned until @StoneColdTruth is shut down. I strongly suspect that he'll soon post something ban-worthy there, daring Twitter to make him a martyr again.


ALSO: As BuzzFeed notes, Stone also maintains the account @STONEFLIK, which is linked to the recent documentary about him, Get Me Roger Stone. That account is not only still active but has a 280-character limit, a gift Twitter has bestowed only on a few select accounts.

So this "ban" is a joke.

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