Sunday, October 08, 2017

That's funny, because I happen to have Professor Bell right here...

Anonymous meme.

So yesterday mainstream historian Kevin Kruse took on parody historian Dinesh D'Souza, with whose "book" The Big Lie I have been having a kind of personal war, and his claim in connection with the book, that "mainstream historians have never disputed my research or my conclusions" (partly true, hardly any would mention him at all in their normal existence, since his work is so obviously deviant it doesn't need professional refutation), and hilarity ensued. Check out the thread.

So when I came online this morning I saw this, in reference to Dinesh's claim that he "exposed" the fact that Southern Democrats used to support slavery and then Ku Klux Klan terror and Jim Crow laws (screenshots, just in case he blocks me this time):

Frenetic denials, huh?

I've gotten him to respond once before, to comical effect. This time he may not have recognized me in my Halloween costume (I dress as Edgar Allan Poe). An hour and forty minutes later, Gunga Dinesh thinks he's got me.

Sadly, no. It took me five or ten minutes to worm it out of the GoogleBooks version:

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