Thursday, September 14, 2017


Democratic congressional leaders say they've cut a deal with President Trump to enshrine DACA in law in exchange for border security, but no wall at this time. Trump said on Twitter this morning that there's no deal, but he also expressed great sympathy for the Dreamers:

This can't be making Trump's most passionate supporters very happy.

And here's the thing: He'll be on the road meeting those supporters face-to-face very soon:
President Trump is planning a 13-state travel blitz over the next seven weeks to sell his tax reform plan to Americans....

The tour is expected to include several states that Trump won in 2016 and where Democratic senators are up for reelection next year....

Florida, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania are among the states Trump is expected to visit.
So what happens if people -- maybe overt alt-rightists -- show up at Trump speeches ready to protest DACA? What happens if would-be attendees show up in anti-DACA T-shirts? Will they be turned away, perhaps forcibly? What if attendees start anti-DACA chants while Trump is speaking?

This may not happen -- hero worship might override cultural-nationalist anger -- but it seems like a real possibility to me. I recommend laying in a supply of popcorn.

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