Monday, September 11, 2017


He's definitely running:
Sources tell that former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney is preparing to run for Senate in 2018 if Sen. Orrin Hatch decides to retire....

A poll shows Romney would be in great shape to win a Senate race against Democrat Jenny Wilson. Romney pulls 64% of the vote to Wilson's 26%. The poll shows [Representative Chris] Stewart would only be ahead of Wilson 34-30....

Earlier this year Hatch said he would be willing to step aside if an "outstanding person" like Mitt Romney were to run for the seat he currently holds.
This is going to be so exciting to the mainstream media. A prominent opponent of Donald Trump! The guy who gave that speech during the primaries!

But Romney is also the guy who humiliated himself interviewing for the job of Trump's secretary of state, and who said at the time of the interview that Trump's post-elections staffing picks and utterances "give me increasing hope that President-elect Trump is the very man who can lead us to [a] better future." Prior to that, he was a flip-flopping man of no fixed principle when he ran first for governor in liberal Massachusetts, then for the presidential nomination in a Republican Party whose voter base and donors were increasingly right-wing.

Which means that while Glenn Thrush and Joe Scarborough might swoon at the prospect that Senator Romney will hold Trump's feet to the fire (or even challenge Trump for the 2020 nomination), Romney is likely to vote Trump's way at least 95% of the time, and ultimately won't vote to convict if a Democratic House impeaches Trump. Even though Trump couldn't clear 50% of the vote in Utah in 2016 (he beat Hillary Clinton 45.5%-27.5%, with Evan McMullin taking 21.5% of the vote), Romney will be reluctant to attack his party's president, who is fairly well liked in Utah (50%/45% approval/disapproval, according to Gallup's polling from January to June). Romney will tut-tut if Trump says something racist or if he's a tad ad hominem on his Twitter feed, but he'll be with the Trump program otherwise. I guarantee it.

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