Thursday, May 23, 2019


The Party of Ideas is spreading thoughtful critiques again:
Distorted videos of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), altered to make her sound as if she’s drunkenly slurring her words, are spreading rapidly across social media....

The video of Pelosi’s onstage speech Wednesday at a Center for American Progress event, in which she said President Trump’s refusal to cooperate with congressional investigations was tantamount to a “coverup," was subtly edited to make her voice sound garbled and warped. It was then circulated widely across Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.

One version, posted by the conservative Facebook page Politics WatchDog, has been viewed more than 1.4 million times, been shared more than 32,000 times, and garnered 16,000 comments with users calling her “drunk” and “a babbling mess.” ...

“There is no question that the video has been slowed to alter Pelosi’s voice,” said Hany Farid, a computer-science professor and digital-forensics expert at University of California, Berkeley.
This story, from The Washington Post, makes note of several similar fake videos that have had a wide viewership recently. It's clear who posted them, but it's not clear who created them.

Is it the Russians? What I've been thinking for some time is: Who needs the Russians? They've shown us -- and by "us" I mean the Republican Party -- what works. They've demonstrated what riles Americans up. They've demonstrated that a distortion of the truth can be ludicrous while going extremely viral.

This video and similar recent videos could have been Russian productions -- but anyone can learn to do this stuff. Russians have brought this virus to America, just as they've brought it to many other countries; Americans are perfectly capable of transmitting it now. The Russians can now interfere with American politics (and the 2020 election) without ever lifting a finger themselves.

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