Monday, April 09, 2018


I should be blogging about the Michael Cohen story, but I found myself distracted by this, from The Washington Post:
A conservative commentator at a Sinclair Broadcast Group-owned television station in St. Louis has resigned after a statement he made threatening to sexually assault David Hogg drew harsh criticism and sparked the beginnings of an advertiser boycott.

Jamie Allman, who hosts a nightly news show on KDNL, a Sinclair-owned ABC affiliate in St. Louis, as well as a morning FM radio show, wrote on Twitter that he was “hanging out getting ready,” to sexually assault David Hogg with “a hot poker.”

... Advertisers, including Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, St. Louis health center Palm Health, and local real estate office The Gellman Team, announced they would stop advertising on Allman’s shows, spurred on by activists who took to social media to highlight the commentator’s remarks, as well as Democratic state lawmaker Stacey Newman and others.
The Post wouldn't reproduce the tweet or quote it in full, but the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and the Riverfront Times have it:

The Riverfront Times also notes that Stacey Newman called out Allman "for his support of failed Parkway School Board candidate and self-described 'Confederate' Jeanie Ames." She's a piece of work:
Critics have circulated screenshots of past tweets they claim prove that Ames is a racist and unfit for the school board. And even today, in the bio of her personal Twitter, Ames self-identifies as a "Confederate" (in addition to a "Constitutionalist," "Free Market Capitalist" and other less incendiary descriptions).

Those tweets include a comparison of Michelle Obama to a "giant rat" [and] one that showed a Crusader-era knight kneeling, sword in hand, with the words "Anti-Islam" superimposed over the knight in red. The image also contained a caption: "To be opposed to evil is to be opposed to Islam! Let the crusade begin! Ban Islam in America!"

Oh, and there was this one:

Yes, Allman defended her.

The Washington Post story also notes that Allman "has defended Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens, a Republican who is awaiting trial on felony invasion of privacy charge after prosecutors said he tried to blackmail a former paramour with an illicit photo." Naturally.

This guy seems like a perfect hire for The Atlantic or the New York Times op-ed page, don't you think? And if you disagree, why do you hate diversity of ideas?

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