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On the radio yesterday, Rush Limbaugh discussed reports that Donald Trump consorted with prostitutes in Moscow in 2015. What Limbaugh said was posted on his website under the headline "Don’t Be Surprised If They Fabricate a Golden Showers Tape." That pretty much tells you what every conservative will believe if video of the alleged encounter ever surfaces.
RUSH: No, I’ll tell you why I think they’re gonna find a pee tape, because I think this is where this kind of stuff heads. They’re desperate. Nothing — they’ve got no evidence for anything. And now they’ve got a guy who worked at the USA pageant who said, “You know what? Wait a minute. I do remember Trump spent the night in Moscow.”

Trump has previously said he didn’t have enough time in Moscow to spend an overnight. Some guy from a pageant, “Wait a minute, wait a minute,” out of the blue, first time we’ve heard, “I think, yeah, Trump did spend the night.” That opens the door.
Last July, Bloomberg reporters concluded that Trump wasn't telling the truth about not staying overnight in Moscow, based on a careful examination of flight records, contemporaneous social media posts, and news reports. A more recent examination of the flight records confirms Bloomberg's earlier assertions. But Limbaugh's audience will continue to believe that the only basis for this assertion is what pageant host Thomas Roberts recently said.

(UPDATE: And now Trump has admitted he stayed overnight in Moscow, in a Fox & Friends interview this morning.)

More from Limbaugh:
... What’s the allegation? That he hired some prostitutes to come and pee on the bed that Obama and Michelle had slept in.

Don’t be surprised if they come up with what they claim is a tape of it. How easy would it be to say that somebody in the GRU, the modern incarnation of the KGB, leaked it? None of this rest of this is true. None of the rest of this is legitimate. On a TV show coming up on Sunday night on CBS, only on their streaming network, CBS All Access, they’re actually gonna have a couple of prostitutes who peed on the bed show up at this fictional law firm and hire these lawyers to represent them. They’re gonna present on a TV show that it happened and that Trump is out trying to silence these women and they need lawyers to help ’em out.

Hollywood, movies, books, TV, they’re all-in on this hatred.
The CBS All Access series The Good Fight does have a pee-tape story line, but from what series co-creator Robert King says in this Daily Beast story, it's being played for laughs, to some extent at the Democrats' expense.
A future episode will find a Russian woman who comes to the law firm worried about being deported, citing reasonable fear should she return to Russia. She also claims to be one of the women who was involved in the notorious (alleged) golden showers tape at the Ritz Carlton Moscow. The idea, of course, is you don’t know whether to believe her, yet the firm still tortures itself over its duty to prevent her deportation against its desire to find the pee tape!

“It’s a little bit like Raiders of the Lost Ark, where you’re chasing this tape like it’s the Holy Grail,” Robert King says. “It’s satirizing the Democrats’ instinct of, if we just got that one piece of evidence, like The Apprentice tape that had him saying the N-word, then we’d be winning. But you already have him paying off a porn star three weeks after the birth of his son. I don’t know if there is a tape that will take down this president.”
Limbaugh continues:
Look at what they’re destroying. Look at what they are corrupting. The law! The law now applies to some, but not others. James Comey should have already been indicted, for crying out loud. James Comey broke the law in his July 5th press conference. He assumed the role of attorney general. As the FBI director, it’s not his call who gets prosecuted and who doesn’t. Yet he made it his call. That’s not legal! Not to mention proper. Nor is this book in the midst of a so-called investigation.
Limbaugh apparently believes it was illegal for Comey to publish a memoir while the Mueller investigation is ongoing. I'm sure his audience thinks that's correct.
And now even Drive-By lawyers are saying, “Man, Comey could well be indicted.” No. That’s the point. Comey isn’t gonna be indicted. Niether is Hillary! This is my exact point! The legal system is not going after the people who actually have broken law and we know that they did. They’re not going after Hillary Clinton. The people that lied to a FISA judge, we think maybe the FISA judge was in on it. We don’t know. Whatever, they’re not being pursued! The law is not applying equally here. That is a huge deal, folks.
Everyone is lying except Trump and Trump loyalists. It's a Conspiracy So Vast.

So there's no possible way these people will believe the pee tape. The guy from The Good Fight is right.

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