Thursday, July 19, 2007


A steam pipe in Grand Central Station blew up on the East Side of Manhattan yesterday afternoon, killing one person and wounding more than twenty. As The New York Times reports, "the explosion was apparently caused by a failure of antiquated infrastructure" -- the pipe was installed in 1924. Terrorism wasn't involved.

So how does righty blogger Dan Riehl respond to this? By snarking off at the (presumably liberal) media:

...what caught my eye via Drudge was this picture. Everyone is taking video, or snapping photos with their cell phones.

I imagine they easily outnumber the
journalists doing the same.

Hunh? At least one local TV channel here in the city took the national news off the air at 6:30 to cover this with multiple reporters for half an hour. Anderson Cooper on CNN covered it endlessly. The Times has four stories currently posted, by six reporters, and there are video interviews and a photo slide show. Thirteen reporters worked on the front-page story about the explosion in the Daily News. Do I need to go on?

And as for those valiant citizen cellphone content providers, here's Julia, whose office (unlike mine) was very close to the site:

Despite what you may have been reading, with the exception of a few drama queens getting their fifteen minutes from credulous reporters, there is no panic. Out in front of the building right now, the biggest problem they're having is keeping the ghouls with cell phone cameras out of oncoming traffic.

What, Julia? You don't think those phone-wielders are an army of Davids, overthrowing the hegemonic liberal fascists of the MSM? I'm shocked.

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