Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Really, this is the worst of both worlds: Not only is it obvious that Donald Rumsfeld won't be leaving, but right now, while the administration continues to fight a fight to save him that it's already won, we have to endure not only Rumsfeld's continued service but all his drama.

Do we need this? Before the generals called for his resignation he was still destroying everything he touched, but at least he'd lowered his profile. Now, though, it's like 2003 all over again -- we have to listen to endless rounds of those cornpone-psycho-Zen koans, which sound like Paul Harvey ghostwriting for Richard Ramirez, all delivered with harrumphs that sound both testosterone-poisoned and simpering, as if Margaret Dumont from the Marx Brothers movies were undergoing male hormone therapy.

Please, spare us, Donald. If we can't get rid of you, just screw up quietly.

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