Friday, April 21, 2006

Harriet Miers might be replaced as President Bush's counsel? WOW!!! What a White House shakeup this is! Josh Bolten must really be cleaning house! Until now, it was inconceivable that Bush's very, very close friend Harriet would EVER leave that job!!

...whoops, never mind.

I almost feel sorry for Bolten. The operating principle of the Bush administration is that Bushism is inerrant -- yet Bolten's been tasked with making changes. How do you change something that's perfect? And believe me, on a policy level the Bushies really do think it's perfect.

This administration clearly thinks its biggest problem is that the rest of us -- Congress, the press, the public -- don't understand that Bushism is perfect. So Karl Rove loses part of his portfolio because, we're told, he "had trouble driving forward" the agenda, because "the effort to sell" it is struggling, because "he's not done well on advocating policy in a governance setting." See? The Bushies' plans for this country are brilliant; the problem is getting a sense of that obvious rightness through everyone else's thick skulls.

As for Miers, we're told that Bolten thinks she's "indecisive, a weak manager and slow in moving vital paperwork through the system." Harriet! You're mismanaging our brilliance!

Bush could go to single digits in the polls and this White House would still think the problem is poor communication of an excellent agenda. Self-doubt? That's for whiners and liberals. That's why Bush still seems jolly so much of the time, and why he always will.

So there's a huge limit placed on what can be changed. (As it is, we're told Bush might insist that Miers has to stay.) All right, then, Josh, grab a few deckchairs -- and no, not those deckchairs....

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