Friday, April 21, 2006


While I'm amused to see (via Atrios) that someone is mocking the president's war-lust for Iran to the tune of the Beach Boys, it makes me somewhat sad. See, I'm old enough to remember the same damn joke from 1980, except the lyrics of that parody expressed giddiness at the prospect of bombing Iran ("Ol' Uncle Sam's gettin' pretty hot. / Time to turn Iran into a parking lot. Bomb Iran..."). It sure would be nice to break this cycle of threats and counterthreats with the people who sell us the oil we crave. In twenty or thirty years, is there going to be a market for a "Bomb Iran" song again?

That 1980 song was by Vince Vance and the Valiants, who, by the way, are still gigging. Out of a sense of the perverse, I bought (and still own) a copy of the 45 back then; if you want to hear that version, you could buy the CD, but you might just want to listen to the MP3 here. (Or avoid it altogether.)

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